Doug Rice, creator of the original Josh Ritter Fansite and now of, is on the road with Josh and the band for the quick run of shows that is the Northeast USA tour. And EVERY DAY during the week he'll be posting exclusive concert recaps from the night before, Josh's set list, photos, and shooting behind-the-scenes video from each day...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Show Recap #6: Lewiston, ME - Bates College - 12/7/09

Many of you have asked - or maybe just wondered - about why the final show of this mini tour (Bates College) was omitted from Last Night's Show treatment.  Unfortunately, I was not able to travel with the band for this particular show, and thereby could not include the Recap, photos, or setlist.

But thanks to Seth Warner and photographer Phyllis Graber Jensen, we now have Josh's edited setlist and a few fantastic photos.  Thanks Seth and Phyllis!  Note to readers: the gentlemen you see joining Josh and the band onstage in one of the photos are the Manic Optimists, one of Bates College's all-male rock/pop acappella groups who had arranged a version of "Good Man," performed that night...

See more photos below.





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  1. this show was amazing. thank you so much to josh & his band for making it so wonderful.